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Are you a student looking to enhance your resume with practical work experience and a solid reference? Look no further! The ABH Partnership offers a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable job experience starting from 2017.


Ideal for:

  • Students requiring job experience for their resume.
  • Individuals seeking a credible reference from a reputable organization.
  • Anyone looking to enhance their employability in a competitive job market.

ABH Partnership

    • Purchase ABH Partnership through our shop: Start your journey by acquiring the ABH Partnership program from our online store.
    • Customize Your Experience: Work with our team to tailor your experience period and job role
    • Receive Your Reference: Upon completion, we provide a professional reference for your resume.
    • Forward a Copy: Please send a copy of the completed document to for our records.
  • At ABH IT Academy, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality education and training in information technology. Our programs are designed to deliver valuable learning experiences, equipping students with the skills needed to advance in their careers.

    Due to the nature of our offerings and the resources involved in preparing and providing our courses, we maintain a No Refunds Policy. This policy applies to all our Products, Workshops, and any other services offered by ABH IT Academy.

    For more information please visit our Policies Section on our site

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