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Lorie Lochard, CEO of Adorned By Her Enterprises LLC

AdornedByHer Ent. was created to bring a feminine touch to a male-dominated world. Women handle each and everything with a certain touch of care and prestige. As a single mother of two children, I had to find what worked best for me while raising them. I am now working for me. From IT consulting, to wine, to real estate, I have created a lane of my own. The goal is to educate, empower and help others gain success and financial freedom.

Lastly I would like to share that I am an author- my book is called “A Passionate Heart in a Sadistic World”. This book helps you redefine the struggles you've had in your life, discuss the power behind manifestations of strength and bravery. Through examples and exercises, it explains how to focus your beliefs and change your perception of your experience in order to create the quality of life that you want and deserve. The book can be purchased on my website or on Amazon, Thank you!


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Working From Home


Our experience in the IT industry has helped us to carefully craft courses and 1-on-1 interviews help you complete an IT education that is both attainable and impressive. Here at ABH we strive to make technology work for you, your success is our success! Click below to learn more  and enroll in the IT academy that paves the way to your dream role.

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